Tips on Feeling Better during Cold and Flu

Tips on Feeling Better during Cold and Flu

by: Barbara Camie

The , which is a nickname for the influenza virus, starts suddenly and hits hard. Your fever may go as high as 40C (105F). You’ll probably feel weak and tired, and have a dry cough, a runny nose, chills, muscle aches, severe headache and a sore throat. The fever may last for three to five days. After the flu goes away, you may still feel weak and tired or keep coughing for up to three weeks.

The flu is most common in winter and early spring. It often occurs in outbreaks. The flu virus changes often. About every 10 years it undergoes major changes, so that more severe outbreaks occur.

Feel better By Doing:

1.Stay home and rest, especially while you have a fever.

2. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke, which can make cold symptoms worse.

3. Drink plenty of fluids like water, fruit juices and . Fluids help loosen mucus. Fluids are also important if you have a fever because fever can dry up your body’s fluids, which can lead to dehydration.

Don’t drink alcohol.

4. Gargle with warm salt water a few times a day to relieve a sore throat. Throat sprays or lozenges may also help relieve the pain.

5. Use saline (salt water) nose drops to help loosen mucus and moisten the tender skin in your nose.

6. frequently. This is often your best defense. Wash the entire hand using warm water and soap. Don’t forget to clean under fingernails. Wash for about 10 seconds.

7. Avoid putting your hands near your eyes, nose or mouth, unless you have washed. Most bacteria and germs are spread from a surface to your hands to your face. Few germs are transmitted through the air.

8. Clean your ‘shared spaces’ more often than other times of the year. Remember phones, keyboards, steering wheels, office equipment and other items used by several people during the day.

9. Get a flu shot. Flu shots are especially beneficial for those with wekened immune systems, the elderly or those who come in contact with a lot of people. Check with Health Services for more information.

10. Get enough sleep. During sleep, your body’s immune system goes into high gear to protect you from illness. Lack of sleep can reduce immune functioning making you susceptible to sickness.

11. Drink more water. In the fall and winter, it is easy to overlook your thirst and get dehydrated. Make sure you consume 8 glasses a day.

Continue a moderate exercise program. Try to maintain a 3-4 day a week exercise routine. Consistency is key.

12. Eat healthily. A good rule is to eat 10-15 calories per pound of “desired body weight.” If your ideal weight is 170 lbs, then consume 1700-2550 calories a day (1700 for sedentary individuals and 2550 for extremely active types.)

13. Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol can be dehydrating which, in turn, may decrease your resistence to bacteria.

14. Finally, listen to your body. If you are less than 100% you will feel better and recover faster if you let yourself rest.

This article has been publised by freelancer writer of and this article is written only for educational and information purpose so that our reader can get more knowledge about influenza, flu, . Relenza is a powder that is inhaled twice a day for five days from a breath-activated plastic device called a Diskhaler. For more information; , please go through this page; If any mistake or error is found in this article, we suggest you to feel free to send us your feedback at or

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