Norovirus Forces Celebrity Cruise Ship to Stay in Port

Norovirus Forces Celebrity Cruise Ship to Stay in Port

It’s almost no news anymore again another cruiseship has been infected with the ; it seems to almost be normal to catch the norovirus on board of cruiseships ? why does it happen a lot on cruiseships ? and not i.e. in large centers ? is it because they keep it quiet or because of the limited space on a ship ?

We have been following the recent norovirus outbreak that sickened over 400 passengers on a Celebrity Cruise lines trip last month. Of note, this is just one of eight such outbreaks this year alone, said MSNBC, previously. Four of those outbreaks took place in one week, said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Read the complete artice about the Celebrity Cruise lines here.

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About Norovirus

    Noroviruses are highly contagious and are transmitted via the faeces and vomit of infected people, either through direct contact or throught contaminated objects or via food and water. The incubation period is one to three days.



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Influenzanet is a system to monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness.

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