Norovirus continues to spread in El Paso County

Norovirus is still making its way through in El Paso County. The health department reports that 60 patients have fallen ill at four different homes this year. Norovirus has gained notoriety for sickening hundred of passengers aboard .

The health department warns that norovirus is highly contagious. “We hopefully will see things start quieting down come this spring. But it’s been surprising us over the last year, so we’ll have to wait and see.” More  …

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About Norovirus

    Noroviruses are highly contagious and are transmitted via the faeces and vomit of infected people, either through direct contact or throught contaminated objects or via food and water. The incubation period is one to three days.



Noronet is an informal network of scientists

De grote griepmeting

Nederlandse Griepmeting


Influenzanet is a system to monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness.

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